Can we use nutrition to fight coronavirus?  Yes. A balanced diet helps the body’s own defenses to fight pathogens better and faster. The human body contains different types of pathogens, such as viruses, bacterias, fungus, etc. We categorically divide viruses into two types, DNA and RNA viruses. Coronavirus is an RNA virus. Our immunity level must be appropriate to fight against the virus. Viruses, in general, replicate very quickly, so much of the world population may get affected by Coronavirus. If you have good immunity, this virus shall not cause much harm to you. Now the question is, what tangible steps we can take to improve our immunity level? During this pandemic period, you can make a few changes in our daily diet to boost your immunity.


Our immunity mainly depends upon our stomach. Eighty percent of our immune system houses in our gut, so keep your digestive system better. If you do not have constipation and your stomach is working fine, which means your immune system is functioning better. To improve your digestive system, you may add yogurt to your daily diet. It keeps your stomach healthier, and your immunity performs better.


Garlic removes such pathogens from our gut that compromise our immune system. It also removes such pathogens that have no role in our gut. Take one clove of garlic, chop it, or crush it. Let it stay in the open air for 5-7 minutes. This process shall produce a compound named Allison. This compound is a high-quality antimicrobial peptide, which works against viruses, fungus, bacteria, etc. It gives you antiviral protection.

How to use Garlic

You can chew this crushed garlic or add it to salads, but the best is to take it with water after your meal. Taking with water is more beneficial because water takes it deeper into the gut. After taking it for 20-25 days, you can feel its odor in your body. It is time to stop because your body has attained the desired level of Allison. One clove a day is enough. If you cannot digest the whole clove in the beginning, start it from half or one fourth and then increase its daily dose.

herbs to boost immune system


The role of most substances found in ginger is to prevent premature aging. It speeds up digestion and relieves gases from your stomach. Ginger soothes your stomach and boosts your immune system. It is a blood thinner as well, so increases blood circulation enhances memory and assists in destroying cancer cells.

How to use Ginger

Ginger tea is the best way to take ginger. Take a small piece of ginger, shred it to almost one spoon. Take six cups of water and boil it until half of the water remains. Your ginger tea is ready, take one cup daily.


Our first line of defense against coronavirus is our innate immunity. It is the first responder that engages and becomes active once we get infected. The level of vitamin D and vitamin A in your body determines how strong your first line of defense is. So keep the balance of Vitamin D and Vitamin A appropriate in your body. To find about the natural sources of vitamins, click here.


 If your first line of defense fails and you get infected. You are taking the necessary medication. In this situation, you may add Zinc to your diet. Zinc is very effective against viruses. To know about the natural sources of Zinc, click here.


Cloves have a supreme level of ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) value. They also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Cloves are high antioxidants and improve and immunity. They protect help protect against stomach ulcers.

How to use Cloves

Take two cloves a day. You may put them into your ginger tea. After taking the tea, take the cloves out of the cup and chew them.


Olive leaves contain a substance called, Oleuropein which has numerous health benefits such as, it is antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antivirus, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic, and is immune-stimulating.

How to use Olive Leaves

You can make a tea of it and take a cup daily, or you can make a powder of dried leaves and take about half a spoon of it daily.


Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin, which is a highly potent anti-inflammatory substance. It is also an antimicrobial peptide (AMP) that works against RNA and DNA viruses. If you are overweight and want to lose some weight so that your immune system performs well during this pandemic, turmeric is helpful.

How to use Turmeric

There is a lot of wisdom to solve turmeric in hot milk and take it because if we take turmeric with some fat, it gets absorbed quickly in the body.

healthy immune system


Cinnamon is full of antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, so it helps fight infections. It decreases insulin resistance and increases insulin sensitivity, so it lowers blood sugar levels.


Licorice has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It improves the digestive system and fights against infections.

You may take all these herbs (turmeric, cinnamon, licorice) at night. As all of these help in weight loss, and most of the weight loss activity occurs at night. All immune repairing activity takes place at night as well.


Take away inflammatory foods from your diet like rice, white flour, noodles, sugar, processed meat such as hunter beef, sausages, etc. They weaken the immune system.

Other than necessary nutrition there some lifestyle changes you can make in your life to live a healthy life and to enhance your immunity level.


All the immune system repairing work takes place at night. All the damage that happens to the immune system during the day time gets repaired at night. If you are sleeping well, it gets done in a better way. So make sure you sleep well.


Doing some exercise shall keep you active. It shall improve your physical and mental health. Exercising helps in weight loss and to get quality sleep, so it enhances the immune level.


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