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Obstetrics and gynecology

Gynecology is the medical field that relates to a woman’s health. From the first period to menopause, the gynecologist accompanies the woman during all key stages of her life. Whether it is contraception or fertility problem, pregnancy or menopause, uterus or ovaries, hormones, or menstrual irregularity, at AYK you benefit from the services of the best gynecologist doctor in Lahore. Whether you are a healthy woman, a patient, or a pregnant woman – we aim to advise and treat you in the entire field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Gynecology also includes obstetrics, the job of the specialist obstetrician is dedicated to monitoring pregnancy and childbirth. In order to ensure the health of the child and the pregnant woman, regular consultations, and examinations make it possible to prepare for the happy event well in advance.

At AYK Hospital, we are the center of maximum care. We specialize in pregnancy, childbirth, hormone therapy, desire to have children, as well as conservative and operative gynecology. We are the safest maternity clinic and best gyne hospital in Lahore. It is particularly important to our team that you feel in good hands with us.

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Gynecologist in lahore


For many couples, having their own child means fulfilling their partnership. Due to various causes, many couples in Pakistan are unintentionally childless. Our fertility center specializes in counseling and treating the couples who do wish to have children. Our team comprises of the best infertility doctors in Lahore. Through years of work, our team has the highest level of experience in this area. As part of our fertility management, all modern methods of male and female infertility treatment are available to you.

Ob Gyn Clinic Lahore

Pregnancy counseling and childbirth care is the main task of any obgyn specialist. We want to contribute with our human and medical skills to provide you with the greatest possible safety before, during, and after birth. Our gynecologist services include pregnancy check-ups, obstetric ultrasound, Organ diagnosis, monitor child growth in the womb, Doppler sonography, recording of the child’s heartbeat. Disease risks and illnesses of the baby and mother can be identified and treated early in pregnancy. We offer you the best conditions for a safe and self-determined birth as we are the best hospital in Lahore for delivery. Our best obgyn take care of subsequent bleeding and other complaints after childbirth.

Fibroid Treatment in Lahore

Fibroids are benign growths, hormone-sensitive tumors that occur in 20-40% of women from the age of 30. It can develop in any area of ​​the uterus. Although these benign tumors are not dangerous, they can significantly affect the quality of life. The most common problems associated with fibroids are heavy menstrual bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding, anemia, back pain, pressure on the bladder, etc. At AYK Hospital we have the best gynecologist in Lahore for fibroids. We are committed to giving you the best fibroid treatment. We have both surgical and nonsurgical fibroid treatment options which consist of drug, surgical, and radiological procedures. 


For Gynecologist: Call (0423) 518-7333

Simply great, the friendly behavior of the clinic staff! When there was an emergency call, someone was there immediately. The doctor treating me looked after me very well.

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