hygiene tips

Hygiene guidelines should naturally be followed by everyone. Please read the hygiene Tips to avoid the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

  • After small intervals wash your hands or sanitize them.
  • If you need to sneeze then bend of your elbow and sneeze on to it.
  • Maintain a safe distance from people who have a fever or cough.
  • Wear a mask
  • Do not touch the sensitive parts of your face like eyes, nose, mouth.
  • For more Tips read the content below.
  • For a current update on coronavirus cases worldwide Click here.
  • In case you need medical assistance contact the Hospital
Covid 19 Hygiene Tips


Here is important information you need to know about the spread of corona virus. There are certain COVID-19 Measures and Hygiene Tips be taken care of and there are certain limitations imposed by most of the countries in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Covid 19 Masks

face masks

Recommended in public transport, shops and public gatherings

Covid 19 Social Distancing

social distancing

Social distancing rules to be observed and remain in placeĀ 

Covid 19 Restaurants


Restaurants, Hotels, Cafe bars remain banned

Covid 19 Schools


Schools remain closed until further instructions

Covid 19 Large Events

large events

Large events, sporting and wedding events remain bared

Covid 19 Shops


Shops, Retails, Pharmacies may open as per SOPs