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about us 

Being established in 1984 we are best hospital in Lahore. We serve the people of this city and surrounding areas. As a family hospital AYK puts great value on the relationship between patient, doctor and staff. Well being of patient is our prime focus. We offer safe treatment and care by qualified and motivated staff.

The latest medical technology, innovative Information Technology and an architecture based on the care process supports doctors, nurses and therapists. This creates an ideal environment for the best healthcare facilities that we provide here. Our staff works round the clock for the benefit of our patients.

With a wide range of treatments and excellent services in diagnostics for all acute and chronic diseases, our hospital is a reliable center for children, adolescents, and their parents. AYK is the hospital that meets the quality criteria of the best child hospital in Lahore. We treat each child as if it were our own.

For Urgent Care: Call (0423) 518-7333

our mission

The patient is at the center of everything we do. Our vision is to be the national leader in health care. We derive our mission and our values ​​from our vision.

Humanity: It is our daily concern to ensure the best possible care for our patients. The  AYK Hospital strives to take the well-being of its patients into account in all of its actions and to provide each person with dignified and respectful help and care.

Responsibility: The  AYK Hospital is aware of the trust that patients, relatives and business partners put in it every day. We are obliged to handle this trust responsibly. This requires competence, transparency and reliability. The The  AYK Hospital feels committed to use advanced medical technologies in an ethical manner towards society

For Urgent Care: Call (0423) 518-7333

values of our care system


Competent & Trained Staff

Training plays a key role in the quality of our services. Our professionals remain at the forefront of changes in health and safety. They exercise a great role to maintain and restore your health.


Quality and Efficiency

The main focus of our hospital is to provide quality, effective and efficient care. We play a major and responsible role in the construction of care paths for patients and the establishment of care programs.


Patient Satisfaction

It is essential that patients express their appreciation or opinion. We take your comments and suggestions into account as they greatly contribute to improving the quality of the services offered


Spiritual Mediation

During your illness, you will go through different thoughts such as life balance, uncertainty, fear, conflict, etc. Our mediation services are free of cost and for all. They shall help through your hard times.


Hospital Hygiene

Our qualified hygiene specialists ensure that adequate hygiene management is practiced in the medical facility. This is important to avoid any infections contracted by patients during the care process. 


Donate Blood

More and more patients are urgently dependent on blood products. The supply of blood is becoming increasingly difficult.  The missing blood supplies are procured by donation services.

Basis of our treatment is

Your health and wellbeing is our philosophy.

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Simply great, the friendly behavior of the clinic staff! When there was an emergency call, someone was there immediately. The doctor treating me looked after me very well.

Tariq Mahmood


Better Health Care is Our Mission

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